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Sal Howe from Flowstate offers Breath Training, Surf Coaching, Surf Survival, Habit Change and Kinesiology for those who seek to optimise the healthy qualities of life.


Sal holds Breath Work classes at +space:

Monday 5:30 - 6:30pm

Thursday 4:30 - 5:30pm


We have the power to influence how our body and mind feel every day, but how much do you really tap into this and benefit from those super powers?​

Flowstate training aims to empowers you to make conscious changes to your life both physically and emotionally.

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Sal Howe

Growing up as a swimmer I've always been aware of the sensations breathing and breath holds created in the body, but I never really applied this outside the area of swimming, until about 5 years ago. 

In my early 30’s I suffered quite a bad car accident and developed PTSD for a number of years afterwards. The panic attacks were affecting all areas of my life, particularly around my ability to advance my surfing due to the panic I felt while paddling into bigger waves. 

It wasn't until I booked a surf breath holding course that I truly started to understand how much my breathing influenced me physically and mentally. This brought me right back to my swimming days. From here I immersed myself in breathing and researched how to improve my health. 

One thing which became apparent to me is I was able to manage my asthma, which I developed at the age of 17. I always thought I would have asthma symptoms forever, but I was so wrong. The  breath training I was doing was not just helping me feel confident, relaxed and energised, but it was also allowing me to breathe with ease. 

Around the same time I also discovered kinesiology and started having regular sessions. This really allowed me to shift a lot of stress my body was holding onto.   

Breathing and kinesiology has dramatically reduced my PTSD and Asthma symptoms to near extinction, especially when combining it with a healthy diet, nature and  exercise. 

Going through such a transformation has improved my life beyond belief. This is why I became an instructor and continue to grow my education and experience so I can pass this on to you. 


+61 422 260 115

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